Improving your Portuguese

The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. Classes at Univali are all taught in Portuguese, but student advisors also speak English or Spanish. Since Brazil is in South America, there is a high number of Spanish speakers in the local area, and the number of Brazilians who speak English is increasing, though English is still by no means widespread. To get around and facilitate communication within the academic and local communities, we recommend that you take a Portuguese Course, provided by Univali’s Language Center - Nelle.

Nelle offers Portuguese Courses that are specially designed for the international community of the university. As we receive students at different times of the year, we offer courses to suit the demand. The Portuguese for foreigners’ course is offered at six different levels: from basic to upper-intermediate (CEF). The minimum course is 20 class hours, and classes are offered at various times of the day, to suit the students’ routines.

The courses use material taken from the media, as well as other authentic materials. Contact Nelle to find out about classes timetables and fees.

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