Would you like to study at Univali for a semester or more? If so, the first step is to contact the International Affairs Office (CoAI). CoAI coordinates academic issues related to students, professors and researchers from abroad.


Regular Programs

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international-programs.pdfInternational Programs

Exchange Programs

Each academic year, Univali welcomes a number of International students to its various different campuses, who come to take undergraduate and postgraduate courses or to participate in research and study projects.

CoAI regularly promotes international cultural and scientific events, and other forms of international cooperation, such as seminars, lectures, debates and exhibitions about various countries and experiences of studying abroad.

The purpose of the International Affairs Office is to help foreign students integrate into the local academic life at Univali. CoAI helps international students with academic problems, referring them to the relevant department or sector of the University or Local Authority, where necessary, and providing all the necessary support. It ensures the opportunity for new academic experiences, and generally assists in matters relating to the day-to-day lives of international students.

Application Procedures

To apply to become a student at Univali, please fill out the application form.

Deadlines for application:

June 30th for the 2nd Semester of the year (starts in August)

November 30th for the 1st Semester of the year (starts in February)

Opening hours: 8-12 am and 1:30–5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Tel/fax: + 55 (47) 3341-7552