Univali Foundation

​The Univali Foundation is the funding institution of the University of Vale do Itajaí, the Pequeno Anjo University Hospital, the Laboratório de Produção e Análise de Medicamentos (Laboratory for the Production and Analysis of Medicines), Radio Univali FM (Univali Educational Radio Broadcasting) and TV Univali. Its administrative structure consists of the Higher Administrative and Curator Councils and the Board of Directors. The Administrative evaluation of the Univali Foundation is carried out by an Executive Secretary, comprised of five management areas: Controllership, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Logistics.


The Laboratory for the Production and Analysis of Medicines (Lapam) is a genuinely pharmaceutical laboratory, which is dedicated to industrial activities. It is led and carried out by pharmacists and supported by well-known professors and researchers from the Pharmacy Program at Univali. Its objective is to produce medicines, in accordance with good manufacturing practices, in line with public health policies. It also offers the services of physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, outsourcing certain stages for the production of solid dosage forms, and the development of new products and analytical methodologies

TV Univali

The objective of TV Univali is to portray the daily life of the academic community and the population of the surrounding region, through its experiential and differentiated schedule of programs.

The broadcaster promotes an ongoing and dynamic process of preparing its programming schedule based on four key pillars: education, culture, information and entertainment. Thus, it complements training in schools, helps divulge the scientific production of the University and the cultural and artistic values of the region, and above all, encourages debate and the exchange of ideas and freedom of expression, both inside and outside the university. TV Univali also has a partnership with Canal Futura, a TV channel of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, through which it broadcasts the national educational programs of that broadcaster.

Radio Univali FM

Jornalism, culture, music and information. This is the recipe for success of the programs of Radio Educativa Univali FM, which has been on the air since March 1999. The unique musical selection emphasizes popular Brazilian music, but also valorizes other genres such as jazz, classical music, rock ‘n roll, blues, and Latin American music. Its editorial line encourages freedom and independence to divulge the most significant highlights of the main musical movements. Another highlight is the news broadcasting program, which presents innovative content, put together by journalists and by students of journalism who work for the radio as part of their practical training. The whole production of the broadcaster is geared towards promoting education, culture and entertainment, with programs which help to build and preserve the cultural identity of the region.