Professional Master's Degree Program in Public Policy Management


The Professional Master's Degree Program in Public Policy Management - PMGPP is unique because it is an interdisciplinary program aimed at training public managers and university professors. It meets the needs of the city Itajaí and other cities in the region of Vale da Foz do Rio Itajaí-AMFRI, as well as in other regions of the state of Santa Catarina and Brazil. The promotion of the formation of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research networks leveraged by the PMGPP is also noteworthy, as well as the promotion of scientific production by professors and students based on consolidated productions that bring solutions to organizational problems. Another highlight for the PMGPP is its curricular structure, which allows the student to do teaching activities, whose main focus is the training of masters to act as public and private managers in the themes of public policies, aiming to meet a strong existing social demand, which can be local, regional and national, with a focus on the internationalization of processes and people.


Within an interdisciplinary and proactive vision to generate knowledge and information, you will be trained as a public management professional, who will be able to relate and apply theory and practice, meeting social demands and influencing people's future, in the production of products and services. You will also be able to do services with public and private institutions, as well as to work in Higher Education. Classes and research provide opportunities for creative learning dynamics, stimulating the development of academic and technical skills, as well as abilities in Public Policy Management. The research projects have an interdisciplinary vision, with a view on solving problems that arise in contemporary society in the field of public policies related to education, health, environment and culture. The activities in the lines of research and research groups make it possible to produce and disseminate knowledge in the area of public policy management through scientific publications, debates, seminars and other events involving the population itself, organized civil society and the public power, as well as encouraging national and international partnerships between researchers and students. In the course, you will find a welcoming and ethical environment with educational experiences that bring quality of happiness to the learning process.


The Master's Degree Program in Public Policy Management is mostly sought after by people from different professional areas (education, politics, economics, health, environmental sciences, law, administration, culture) and who work in the state and non-state public sphere. Municipalities, State Departments, Universities, Government Ministries, NGOs and private organizations form the universe of professional spaces that the public policy manager seeks and acts in. Come visit and meet us! (Learn more about us, welcome to our world! Visit us and know more about our Program!)


The training of professionals linked to (state and non-state) public management and/or the academic community, with deepening and updating of interdisciplinary knowledge, in a theoretical-empirical nature, capable of contributing to the solution of problems in professional activities, using techniques, methods and doctrines applicable to the general process of public activity.


The evaluation of Graduate Programs carried out by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) includes the annual follow-up and the quadrennial performance evaluation. It is carried out in all programs and courses that are part of the National Postgraduate System – SNPG. This rating system indicates programs with a standard of academic excellence.


 Duration of the course

  • 24 months (2 years)

 Curricular Structure

390 class hours of disciplines.


Day Hour Class Duration
Thursdays19:00h to 22:00h
4 class hours
Fridays08:00h to 12:00h - 13:30h - 17:30 - 18:30 to 22:30h
8 class hours


Students must demonstrate knowledge in foreign language, as there may be classes, research groups and readings in both languages. Foreign students must, in addition, prove proficiency in the Portuguese language.

Where to find us

Univali – Campus Itajaí
458, Rua Uruguai - Itajaí (SC)
Building D1 - Classroom 401


Public Policy Management: institutions, culture and sustainability


The Professional Master's Degree Program in Public Policy Management is structured around the "Public Policy Management: institutions, culture and sustainability" concentration area, which is operationalized through the two lines of research presented below:

Line 1. Institutional Dynamics of Public Policies. It seeks to analyze the institutional dynamics of public policies, delimiting the role and configuration that the State and Society assume in different social, economic, political, environmental and cultural contexts, promoting actions for the development of social technologies in public policies, with the use of social and management indicators.

Line 2. Socio-environmental and Cultural Aspects of Public Policies. It seeks to analyze national and international socio-environmental and cultural dynamics, considering the complexity of multiple contemporary dimensions. Diagnoses and evaluations of public policies are carried out, aiming to understand the conceptions of the different actors involved.


DegreeProfessor's Name
Carlos Golembiewski
Carlos Roberto Praxedes dos Santos
Fabiane Fisch
Fernando Cesar Lenzi
Graziela Breitenbauch de Moura
Graziela Liebel
Joaquim Olinto Branco
Marcos Aurelio Maeyama
Marcos Vinicius Viana da Silva
Maria Glória Dittrich
Paulo Rogério Melo de Oliveira
Rafael Burlani Neves
Ricardo Stanziola Vieira
Vanderlea Ana Meller


Professor's Name
Albertina Xavier da Rosa Correa
Claudia Beatriz Batschauer da Cruz


Public Policies: Socio-spatial and Cultural Aspects.

Group leader: Ph.D. Joaquim Olinto Branco

Childhood Sociology, Gender Relations and Public Policies.

Group leader: Ph.D. Paulo Rogerio Melo de Oliveira​



The PMGPP understands internationalization as a connection between educational institutions to promote projects and practices of cooperation and partnerships in postgraduate studies, research and innovation aimed at growth in innovation and competitiveness, fostering academic excellence in the development of skills aimed at connecting people in the management and governance, as well as production of knowledge.

International Agreements

Double Degree with University of Alicante/Spain 

The cooperation project between UNIVALI and the UNIVERSITY OF ALICANTE - ES implies the option for students to take a double degree in the “Master - Technologies and Public Policies on Environmental Management" Program at the Instituto Universitario del Agua y las Ciencias Ambientales. Events, courses, research with partner universities culminate in scientific production, human and professional technical training, as well as the expansion of the world view, within a globalized society that dynamically restructures itself, geopolitically, in the labor market and production of goods, communication services and network. The advantages of dual degrees include a more internationalized education, knowledge of the regional reality of the partner university, in addition to eliminating the need to revalidate a Brazilian diploma in the European Union.

Universidad de Granada – Spain - partnership with a Program in the field of public policy and humanities in administration, as well as research projects and events.

University of Caldas - Colombia, double degree agreement between the PMGPP/UNIVALI and the “Maestría en Estudios Políticos" Program at the Colombian university, as well as research projects and events.

Simón Bolívar University – Colombia, agreement for partnerships in the field of research and teaching, together with Red Hila.


PMGPP develops partnerships with public, private and Third Sector organizations which give access to research development, participation in classes and events, scholarships, among others.

Some of our partners are:

Itajaí City Hall, Penha City Hall, Camboriu City Hall, Araquari City Hall; Itajaí City Council; Penha City Council; Tijucas City Council; Itajaí Social Observatory, Association of Municipalities of Foz do Rio Itajaí Açu; Itajaí Professional Education and Public Administration Foundation; UNIINOVA.



UNIVALI – Campus Itajaí
458, Rua Uruguai
Building F4, Room 407
Itajaí  – SC – Brazil
Zip Code: 88302-901

Tel.: +55 47 3341 7897

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