Program in Legal Science

​The Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Legal Science at Univali (PPCJ/Univali) combines tradition and innovation. It brings together Emeritus Professors with a long history in research and teaching of law and presents itself as a necessary continuance of the successful Law School of Univali, with over 50 years of existence.

The PPCJ/Univali has a strong history of scientific production, always attentive to changes in the State, in the production and application of the law, as well as in movements that go beyond national borders, as is the case of the lines of research dealing with sustainability and transnationality.

The Master's Degree and Doctoral Courses in Legal Science linked to the PPCJ/Univali keep their academic-scientific activities within its defined Areas of Concentration and respective Lines of Research.

The Master's Degree course has one area of concentration (Fundamentals of Positive Law) and three lines of research: a) Constitutionalism and Law Production; b) Law and Jurisdiction and c) Environmental Law, Transnationality and Sustainability. Since 2018, the Master’s Degree’s line of research Law and Jurisdiction has incorporated research related to Artificial Intelligence in law. This line of research has thus changed the name, and since 2021 it has been named Law, Jurisdiction, and Artificial Intelligence.

All Master's Degree students must complete at least 30 credits, including common compulsory disciplines, disciplines specific to the line of research, and dissertation activity. The deadline for the conclusion is 24 (twenty-four) months.

The Doctoral Course has one area of concentration (Constitutionalism, Transnationality, and Law Production) and two lines of research: a) Constitutional Principiology and Law Policy, and b) State, Transnationality, and Sustainability.  Since 2018, the line of research Constitutional Principiology and Law Policy 2018 incorporated the research on Artificial Intelligence in Law, thus the Line has changed its name, and since 2021 it has been called Constitutional Principiology, Law Policy, and Artificial Intelligence.

The Doctoral student must complete a minimum of 72 credits, including compulsory disciplines, seminars specific to their line of research; Research Methodology Seminar; Defense of the Thesis Project; Preparation and Defense of the Thesis.  The deadline for completion is 48 (forty-eight) months.


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