Master's Degree in Applied Computing

The Master’s Degree Program in Applied Computing (MCA) at the University of Vale do Itajaí (Univali) is an academic Master's Degree program in the Computer Science area, linked to the Graduate Program in Computing Science at Univali. The program is recommended by Capes with Concept 3. 

Starting in March 2007, MCA is headquartered at Campus Itajaí, in the municipality of Itajaí - SC, with teaching and research activities at Campuses Itajaí and Kobrasol.​​


The growing demand for hardware and software systems has offered new opportunities and ​​promoted the establishment of technology centers in different regions of Brazil. However, the high competitiveness of the market demands innovative and high quality products. In this sense, it is necessary to have reference institutions that promote the development of scientific knowledge, that are not only in line with the international reality, but also capable of transferring this knowledge in the form of technology to society in a way that is aligned with local needs. 

Besides, these institutions must train qualified human resources to sustain the demand for professionals capable of advancing knowledge and/or transforming them into products with high added value. In this context, the program focuses on Applied Computing, seeking to produce and apply new scientific knowledge in the area of Computing, train human resources and promote local development through the transfer of technology to society. 

The course is structured in two research lines: Embedded and Distributed Systems, and Intelligent and Educational Systems, both being part of the current scenario of interest to the scientific community, as well as the regional reality of the state of Santa Catarina, which has consolidated technological centers in the areas of Software and Hardware, and a growing demand for technological solutions with high added value in different sectors of society. 


The course is designed for people with a Diploma in Higher Education in courses recognized by Brazilian legislation. Holders of an undergraduate degree in other areas, provided by Brazilian institutions recognized by Brazilian Legislation, may also participate in the registration and selection process, provided they have experience in Computing proven through documentation.


Become a qualified professional with reference in the generation and transfer of knowledge and applied technology and in the promotion of new technology-based ventures. 


The evaluation of Graduate Programs carried out by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) includes the annual follow-up and the quadrennial performance evaluation. It is carried out in all programs and courses that are part of the National Postgraduate System – SNPG. This rating system indicates programs with a standard of academic excellence. ​



Duration of the program

24 months (2 years) 

Curricular S​tructure 

360 class-hours (30 credits) divided into: 

  • ​​360 subject class-hours and 

  • 90 hours for Master’s Degree Thesis​



  • ​Monday 7p.m. to 10:30p.m. 

  • Tuesday 7p.m. to 10:30p.m. 

  • Wednesday 7p.m. to 10:30p.m. ​

Students must demonstrate knowledge on the English language, as there may be classes, research groups and readings in English. Foreigners must, in addition, prove proficiency in the Portuguese language. 


Univali – Campus Itajaí  
Rua Uruguai, 458 - Itajaí (SC) 
Bloco B3 - Sala 204 ​


- Applied computing 


Embedded and Distributed Systems   

It involves the investigation of aspects associated with the design of embedded computing systems and distributed computing systems, and the combination of both. 

Intelligent and Educational Systems 

It involves research both on the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques to solve complex problems and on educational topics addressed under a computational approach. 



​Laboratory of Embed​ded and Distributed Systems (LEDS) 
Cesar Albenes Zeferino, Ph.D.

​Laboratory Of Technological Innovation In Education - LITE 
André Luis Alice Raabe, Ph.D.

​Applied Intelligence Research Group   
Anita Maria da Rocha Fernandes, Ph.D.
Rudimar Luis Scaranto Dazzi, Ph.D.

​Assistive Technology Research Group 
Alejandro Rafael Garcia Ramirez, Ph.D.​


Univali – Campus Itajaí 
458, Rua Uruguai – Centro
Building B3, Room 207 
Itajaí – SC – Brazil 
Zip Code: 88302-202 


Phone.: +55 47 33417628 


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