Doctorate in Legal Science

Univali's Doctoral Degree in Legal Science, nationally recommended by CAPES, provides for an area of concentration called Constitutionalism, Transnationality and Production of Law that is supported by two lines of research:

Constitutional Principiology, Law Policy, and Artificial Intelligence

State, Transnationality, and Sustainability.

This Area of Concentration and its lines of research were structured as a result of the research base that has been developed in the Master's degree Course in Legal Science of Univali since 1995, as well as the scientific production and academic vocation of the faculty, and the currency of the topics that will be the object of study, understanding that in these themes the Doctoral Course will offer a legal reflection of high level and quality.

The new students of the Doctoral Course must hold a master's degree in an area related to its area of concentration and be approved in the selection process.

The faculty is made up of law Ph.D. professors and postdoctoral researchers, with significant scientific production.

Univali has double degree agreements with the following foreign universities:

  • Dottorato in Scienze Giuridiche, University of Perugia - Italy 

  • Doctorado en Derecho, University of Alicante - Spain 

  • Doctorado en Agua y Desarrollo Sostenible, Institute of the Water and the Environmental Sciences, University of Alicante - Spain

  • Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in Corporate and Business Law, Delaware Law School Widener University – United States

  • ​Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in Health Law, Delaware Law School Widener University – United States


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