Doctorate of Business Administration

Curricular Structure

Areas of Study

  • Strategy, Management and Society

Area 1: Strategy in Organizations

Area 2: Management Technologies

Area 3: Sustainability, Organizations and Society

Compulsory disciplines for all areas:

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Multivariate Data Analysis

  • Epistemology of Business Administration

  • Research Methodology in Business Administration

  • Thesis Seminar 

Elective Disciplines for all áreas:

  • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Strategies

  • Organizations and Markets

  • Internationalization Strategy

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Case Studies

  • Organizational Theory

Number of Credits

36 (thirty-six) credits in disciplines
12 (twelve) credits in the thesis
Total: 48 (forty-eight) credits


Permanent faculty members:

Professor's Name
André Moraes dos Santos
Anete Alberton
Carlos Ricardo Rossetto
Claudio Reis Gonçalo
Dinorá Eliete Floriani
Fernando César Lenzi
Franciane Reinert Lyra
Gustavo Behling
Jeferson Lana
Rosilene Marcon (Course Coordinator)
Sidnei Vieira Marinho
Suzete Antonieta Lizote
Tatiana Ghedine

Collaborating faculty members:

Professor's Name
Carlos Eduardo de Almeida Ramôa
Luciana Merlin Bervian
Mohamed Amal

Research Lines

The central theme of the Doctorate of Business Administration – Strategy, Management and Societies – addresses organizational phenomena at different levels of analysis, taking into consideration the role of organizations in society, the social impact of management practices, and the imposition of new relationships and forms of organization necessary to attract the flow of resources for organizations to guarantee their survival and achieve their objectives.

The complexity of the theme required the creation of some guidelines for the operationalization of the research. Thus, the research projects and disciplines of the course will be grouped, preferably, into one of the following areas of research:

Area 1: Organizational Strategy

Area 2: Management Technologies

Area 3: Sustainability, Organizations and Society

Research Groups

Organizational Relations and Strategy Group – PROFORME

The objective of this group is to study how organizations realize the environment on which are inserted on different economic sectors, what strategies are defined e the performance achieved. The objective of the research projects is focused on themes of environment, entrepreneurship, dynamic capability, performance, internationalization process of Brazilian companies. These are themes that has been influenced all the researches. The studies are developed in sectors such as technologic based companies, tourism and local productive arrangement (APLs). The group also has partners from many other pos-graduation programs in Brazil and also France, Canadá and Portugal.

Group leader: Dr. Carlos Ricardo Rossetto

Marketing Studies Group - GEMA

The Marketing Studies Group (GEMA) aims to promote discussions on research theories and methods related to marketing, seeking to integrate students with the real working environment. The objective is to create skills for analysis and decision-making on marketing variables, both consumer and organizational, covering the following areas of research:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Consumer Behavior

Faculty supervisors and students work with the aim of strengthening these areas and consolidating Marketing on the Master of Business Administration and the Doctorate of Business Administration​​.

Group leader: Dr. Maria José Barbosa de Souza

Service Strategy, Innovation and Knowledge Group – GESICON

The research is carried out with a focus on Innovation, Service Strategies and Knowledge Management. The empirical fields investigated are: -Software development companies; -technological centers; - institutional models -startups; -international entrepreneurship -chain of services; creative cities; the retail sector, and business opportunities through national and international relationship.

Group leader: Dr. Claudio Reis Gonçalo

Center for Research on Management Technologies – NuTeG

The objective of the group is to develop researches on management Technologies in order to collaborate with the advance of knowledge about questions related to formulation and implementation of strategies and measurement systems of organizational performance.

To leverage the region development, the Works are focused to the management of small businesses, as well as, the researches will discuss market structures and operations, finance aspects, and the strategic planning, and also to identify and recognize the polices and incentive programs to the incentive to the creation of small businesses. The main areas of study are: strategy and management performance; Operation logistic management; supply chain management; lean manufacturing; service operations; cost management; methods of prospection in Science, Technology and Innovation.

Group leader: Dr. Sidney Vieira Marinho

Strategy and Performance Study Group – GEEP

This group is linked to the area of concentration Organizations and Society of the Postgraduate program in Business Administration of the University of Vale do Itajaí. It seeks to combine research focusing on the strategic determining factors of performance: RBV, stakeholders and others, as well as performances indicators. The group has two main areas of research: Strategic determinants of Performance, and Performance Indicators. The group is made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as research professors.

Group leader: Dr. Rosilene Marcon

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